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The ministry currently known as Pegram United Methodist Church, has roots that go back more than 200 years.  It began when the Pegram family moved to the area and established the Ebenezer Meeting House.  The first Ebenezer Meeting House was built around 1808 on a hill above Cave Springs. Records indicate the church was a member of the Western Conference, and the first minister on record was Willim Crutchfield in 1810.  In 1812 the Tennessee Conference began the first quarterly Conference known as the Lebanon Circuit, and the Ebenezer Church was one of its 23 members.

 The first church building was destroyed during the Civil War, and the second building was constructed on the original site in 1871.  The congregation relocated to its third building on Hannah Ford Road in 1894; it became known as the Ebenezer Methodist Church.  The church moved again in 1935 to Thompson Road, near its present location.  It was then that the church changed its name to Pegram Methodist Church in honor of the Pegram Family who had donated the lots in 1894 and 1935 -- the same family whose ancestors established the first Ebenezer Meeting House.  In 1968, when the Methodist and the Evangelical United Brethren Churches merged, this church became the Pegram United Methodist Church.

Construction on the current sanctuary, the fifth building, began in 1967 and the first service was held approximately one year later.  In 1989, goundbreaking took place for a new wing containing a larger fellowship hall and additional classroom space for the growing congregation.  A new industrial kitchen and elevator were added in 2006 which allowed us to host the Meals on Wheels program for the Pegram and Kingston Springs area, as well as facilitate easier access to the classroom and Sanctuary located on the upper level.  At the time of construction ours was the second elevator in Cheatham County.

Pegram United Methodist Church became a "station" church in the Tennessee Conference in 1961, and continues to faithfully serve God and bring the hope of Christ to our community.  Since the earliest gatherings, more than 130 pastors have served this congregation and graced our pulpit. 

Photo by Rai Lynne Neely

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